Monday, April 10, 2017

Two Sought Adventure

After literally years of being interested but nothing ever getting off the ground, I finally played a session on Roll20.

Roll20 is an online site that serves as an interface where you can play tabletop RPGs. Dice rolling, maps where you can move icons, dynamic character sheets, etc. All the conveniences of a game table without having to leave the house.

When we moved to Arizona, I looked into a number of options so I could keep on playing with friends back in the Midwest. While Yucat√° did just a fine for board games, I've used Skype, FaceTime, email and forums to try and play RPGs. They all work but none of them really shine.

Roll20 was suggested to me but figuring out how to use it was more than I was prepared to handle on my own (particularly with an infant) However, when an old friend decided to get a game going with his disparate friends scattered over the country, I was on board. I openly admitted I was glad to have someone else do the heavy lifting.

Amusingly enough, the campaign has already had one of the problems I've seen in almost every online game I've been in that lasted more than one session. Attrition. Around a dozen people voiced interest. Eight people signed up. Four people showed up for the introduction session. And only two of us showed up for the first actual play session.

Which may very well have been for the best. The three of us (two players and DM) spent most of the session fumbling through the interface. With more people, it might have been a lot more frustrating and we might not have learned as much about how to use Roll20.

(It's a fifth edition D&D campaign and our first session basically consisted of fighting a goblin)

First of all, I had fun playing. I got to hang out virtually and the DM has been a friend for nearly twenty years. It was really good to spend time with him.

Second, actually learning how to use Roll20 is good. I can see how, once you have your macros set up so the system handles all the mechanics for you, this could be faster than face-to-face.

My current end goal with Roll20 is to run some Quiet Year later this year.

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