Monday, October 9, 2017

Wait, we released a Lovecraftian horror?

Session Eleven of the Late Night Lurkers

Real life stuff (including being a later time zone than everyone else), I ended joining the game about halfway through the session. We had been exploring a cave/dungeon in a mountain pass where travelers kept dying.

And I came in right when we were in the middle of a fight with a variety of fungus monsters and in a fog of poisonous spores. The group had also found a mildly toxic fungus that gave dark vision so I decided my character ate the wrong mushrooms and spent the first half thinking the entire party had become gnomes with shoes with curly toes.

We eventually discovered that the cave had been turned into a temple for a xenophobic cult devoted to a corrupted worship of basically a Cthulhoid deity. By corrupted, I mean traditional worshippers of Lovecraftian horrors would feel they made theological mistakes.

The long and the short of our evil temple of eldritch horror experience is that we accidentally released a giant tentacle horror into the world but, by adjusting the statues with the help of divine guidance (the spell), we got it to appear somewhere else.

This is basically the second time we’ve released some kind of supernatural horror into the world. We joked about how it’s going to go hang out with the mummy lord we freed.

We also hit a milestone by completing this adventure so we are all now third level (yea!) As a fighter, this will be fun because I get to choose a path.

I’m going with Eldritch Knight, although it’s not the mechanically strongest choice for me. In part, it’s because it is an interesting story choice and makes sense for the character’s scholar background. I also want to get access to attacks that use different energy types. But really, after dealing with legitimate light issues thanks to Roll20’s dynamic lighting, I want access to the light cantrip! 

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