Monday, November 13, 2017

Only fourteen years late to Walking Dead

I am unbelievably late in getting on this train. I just read the first volume of the Walking Dead. I’ll probably never watch the TV show since watching TV frankly takes so much more time.

I’m only fourteen years late taking a look at this franchise, which has influenced the whole zombie genre. So we now live in a post-Walking Dead world. It’s kind of like watching Casablanca for the first time in your forties. (I first watched it as a teenager, in case your curious)

What really struck me was how mild the first volume was. Mind you, I’ve read part of Garth Ennis’s Crossed, which was his take on the Walking Dead and makes the original Walking Dead look like the smurfs.

Of course, the climax of the first volume, ten-year-old Carl shooting Shane, much more effective due to this mildness. The reader’s journey with these characters is a slow one.

I’ll be honest. What collections the library has is going to determine how far I go with the Walking Dead. I am not planning on becoming a dedicated reader. 

And I also know that if you have a long story planned and the characters will be falling, you need to start off high enough to give them a place to fall.

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