Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Spot It: the matching game even for folks who hate matching games

As near as I can tell, I haven’t written about Spot It or Dobble. That surprises me and I really have to wonder if I just can’t find that blog entry for some reason.

Spot It comes in a vast number of editions but, with a couple exceptions, the only difference is the art work. It consists of a deck of circular cards with a whole bunch of images on each card. Every two cards share one picture.

The game actually comes with at least four different rule sets and I bet there are even more by now. However, they all share the common mechanic of being the first to spot the two matching pictures on two cards.

Spot It features an interesting dichotomy. All of the games you can play with a Spot It deck are simple. But the math that it took to actually design the deck is definitely complex. Simple idea but it took a lot of work to pull it off.

I’m not big on speed and reaction games (although in their defense, a lot of them are color-based and being color blind makes that a big problem) However, Spot It is one of the best ones I’ve tried. It’s also one of the most accessible ones I’ve tried.

Well, okay, it’s not like most of them are hard to teach (Fightball might be an exception) but I’ve never seen anyone not have fun with Spot It. Spot It is a game that you can play with just about everyone.

Judging by all the places I’ve seen it sold, Spot It has definitely broken into the mainstream. Which makes sense to me. It’s simple and fun to play. It’s not going to be a game that you can use a stepping stone to get folks to play Twilight Imperium but you will have no problems getting folks to play it. 

I don’t have many real time, reacting speed games in my collection, particularly after quite a bit of purging. Spot It would be the last one to go if I were to do another purge.

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