Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My April PnP

May has rolled in and it’s time for me to look at what I’ve made during April. Let’s see:

Black Sonata 
Criss Cross
Drakestail (2016 9-Card Contest)
Mountain River River Sun (2019 9-Card contest)
Ninja Samurai (2019 9-Card Contest)
Cotillion (2016 9-Card contest)
Mariner (2019 9-Card Contest) 
Doctor Smuglfreud’s Marvelous Machine (2018 9-Card Contest)
Living La Vie Loca (RPG)
Devil Bunny Hates the Earth * (one page)
Name of God, original (RPG)
High Score
Gold Digger (Cheapass Version)
Qwixx (laminating score sheets from the game)
Rolling America (laminating score sheets from the game)
Planet Run
Escape of the Dead * (original as one page)

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t plan on doing this much crafting in April. I went a little out of control and did some binging. Which I don’t care for since I can’t maintain that level of crafting and not get burnt out. Still, it happens.

And, to be honest, I have some games already cut and laminated for May so I just have to trim them. It’s all part of my kooky plan to keep my crafting steady and constant.

I want to note that this isn’t the first time I’ve made the first version of Name of God, with simple art and only four roles. This time, I made it double sided (four roles on side and rules on the other) and used five mm plastic to laminate it, making it as portable and durable as I could. It lives in my bag, allegedly so I always have an RPG on hand but really more like some sort of lucky charm. I have the files for the much larger second edition and I do plan on making it this year. 

I do wonder if this will be my most productive month this year.

And, as ever, I need to work on playing more of the games I’ve crafted :D

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