Wednesday, February 2, 2022

My January Gaming

 Last year, I started writing monthly blogs about what Roll and Write games I had learned and tried out. By the end of the year, I just switched to making it a non-specific gaming summary.

At the end of January, I thought that I had had a pretty quiet month. Work had kept me busy and I hadn’t had anything like my Dicember experience, which had sometimes been pretty manic. (Next year, I might try a variation and instead of playing a dice game every day, just learn fifteen new-to-me dice games)

To my surprise, I found I had learned two games on Boardgame Arena (Dungeon Roll and Fruit Picking), two Roll and Writes from the Creative Kids bundle (Block Crafting and Words), three playtest prototypes and two, um, just games (Waffle Hassle and Ukiyo)

I spent less time gaming in January than a lot of months. However. I feel like I used the time well, learning some interesting new stuff.

That said, there are times (and I know they will come again) when I binge on comfort food games. 

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