Tuesday, March 1, 2022

My February PnP

 February. I feel like life being busy has become so status quo that it seems silly to say it anymore. I actually got in more crafting than I expected.

Here’s what I made last month:

Fruit Picking

Behind the Iron (2021 Solitaire Contest)

Between the Lines (2021 9-Card Contest)

Bee Home (Creative Kids)

Space Shipped

Tetri Go (Creative Kids)

Words (Creative Kids)

Little Dingy (2022 9-Card contest)

A lot of these projects were itty bitty ones. The only one that was more than one or two pages was Space Shipped. I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to try it but it looks promising.

I made laminated copies of Tetri Go and Words not for myself but to have sturdier copies to show to a teacher to evaluate if they can use them in the classroom.

I have had a goal of making a ‘larger’ project each month for a while. I think that is getting more refined. More often than not, I’m using published files. That’s no guarantee of quality but it does have a higher chance of play testing. With time getting more and more precious, I’m getting pickier.

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