Wednesday, December 14, 2022

White Rabbit Dice Solitaire- um, you can play it with spare dice?

White Rabbit Dice Solitaire is so simple that the rules fit on one side of a playing card. You need twelve dice: five red, five blue, one white and one green. Actually, all that matters is having four different colors.

Since it’s a free game with minimal rules, I’m not going to bother to go over the rules in details. You have a row of six dice and a hand of five dice and you have six rounds to make trades to get all the dice in the row the same pip. (The green die is the timer)

White Rabbit is amusing puzzle. I’ve found that I can usually get most of the row where I want it and then spend the last couple rounds trying to roll one die to the number I need.

That said, I would be more interested in White Rabbit twenty years ago. Even if I didn’t have mobile devices with neigh infinite solitaire games and puzzles, we now live in a world with a plethora of tiny micro and nano games. White Rabbit just doesn’t offer enough to be real competition, just novelty.

I really could have used this game a few decades ago for waiting for that one member of our D&D crew to show ups (Yes, I’m talking about you! You know who you are! ) Although when we discovered Button Men, it would have fired White Rabbit. 

It’s a cute little free game that uses stuff we both know you have lying around. But it arrived a generation too late :)

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