Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Outlaw - a super easy game to make yourself

Outlaw is a tiny little dice game that feels like a simplified version of Knizia's Pickomino with a bit of Sackson's Can't Stop and its bell-shaped curve thrown in.

While it is themed around capturing outlaws and bandits in the Wild West, it's really about dice and odds. The board consists of two rows of wanted posters. One is numbered four to nine and the other one is numbered nineteen to twenty-four. Each poster has a reward, ranging from $1000 on the nine and nineteen to $10,000 on the four and twenty-four.

On your turn, you roll four dice with two rerolls. As long as you rolled one of the numbers on a poster, you get to place one of your tokens on that poster. If your opponent had a token on the poster, you replace it. BUT if you already had a token on that poster, you take it back.

When you have three posters claimed, you collect the reward for all three posters and take your tokens back. The first person to get to $50,000 or $40,000 in a three-player game, wins.

I've already compared Outlaw to other games, like Pickomino. And, quite frankly, Outlaw isn't as strong. While there is interaction between the players when you poach claimed posters, it's pretty mild. More importantly, it's too easy to have a turn where nothing happens. 

However, Outlaw does have one very strong thing going for it. It's a free print-and-play that requires virtually no work to make. No cutting and no gluing and no folding. Print out the board and add four dice and three tokens per player. Done and ready to play.

Seriously, for the deep budget gamer, Outlaw is a pretty good deal. It may not be the end all, be all of light dice games but it's still a decent little game. If you are watching your gaming budget, Outlaw is a good choice.

Personally, I am planning on taking the time to mount the board, the rules and the purely optional score board and laminating them as a travel game. Even that will probably cost me less than fifty cents in material costs. I'm also planning on recommending it to family and friends.

Outlaw is a light dice filler. It's not a perfect game. However, for a free, print-and-play game that requires minimal effort to make, Outlaw is well worth the effort.

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