Thursday, September 1, 2016

Skipping fantasy football

Last year, I tried out Fantasy Football for the first time. A bunch of my friends from back in the Midwest were forming a league and it was a way to have fun with them.

There ended up being two issues. One, I'd never played any fantasy sports games before and only had a general idea of how it worked. Two, I have a burning apathy for football. I don't think there is a professional sport I'm less interested in.

Initially, I had fun with the idea of gaming through statistics and trash talking with my buddies. But, as the season ground on, trying to keep up with my moves just got to be drudgery. Who was playing, who was injured, how well someone was doing and what position they played.

Having to pay attention to football didn't spark some hidden and unrealized love for the game. Instead, it made me start to feel an actual dislike for the game.

So this year, I am bowing out. I think it was important to give fantasy football the chance. It would not be fair or reasonable to reject it untried. However, now that I have tried it and found that I didn't have any fun, I'm OK not playing.

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