Monday, August 29, 2016

Couple little PnP projects

I have found myself working on a couple of little Print and Play projects without even meaning to.

Some months ago, I took note of Mint Works when it was part of a Print and Play contest with the specific requirement that the game had to fit into a mint tin.

Mint Works stood out to me because it was a worker placement game, consisting of less than twenty cards and some tokens. I've seen a lot of micro games but this was the first worker placement micro game I'd seen.

It's now on Kickstarter so I decided to make a copy from the files from the contest in order to check it out. Got to check out the twin questions of fun and replayability.

I've also begun work on the B&W PnP version of Herbaceous, a game about drafting cards and collecting sets. The theme appeals to us and I'm going to try and color the cards by hand. Which might be silly  and might mean we might not try until after that Kickstarter is over but it will be fun.

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