Monday, August 15, 2016

Upgrading the Quiet Book for our toddler

Carrie made our son a new quiet book.

Traditionally, a quiet book is a big book of backgrounds made out of felt with a bunch of felt images that you can stick on the pages. Basically, it's something that will give little hands something to do while also keeping their minds thinking.

In our case, we have been using the Cricut and a Xyron sticker maker, using card stock to make the pieces. Unfortunately, even card stock doesn't handle toddlers that well. I don't know if felt would either, actually.

So this time, before she turned a card stock pieces into stickers, she laminated them first. Seriously, getting a laminator has proven to be a shockingly useful craft tool.

We will see how much abuse the laminated version of the stickers can handle. But one things for sure, it will be a lot more than the non-laminated ones!

Frankly, it's got me wondering what else we could use laminated sticker store. A teaching copy of Tic Tac Toe was one idea I had but frankly, it's not really necessary.

Tools like the Cricut and the Xyron and the laminator have proven to be more flexible than they first appeared. You can create some amazing things with them.

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