Thursday, August 18, 2016

What will giant robot tanks do at hill 218?

Ogre: Objective 218 is a game that I'm going to have to take a closer look at, seeing as how it combines two properties I really life. The world of of Bolo-like Ogre tanks and the mechanics of the Battle for Hill 218.

I was vaguely aware that it existed but it really sparked my interest when Howard Taylor reviewed it over at his web comic Schlock Mercenary. I like his comics but I also really enjoy his reviews. If that guys likes a movie, I'll probably like it too.

The Ogre setting has been a wonderful marriage of evocative theme and fun mechanics for decades. A small army of conventional forces fighting against one giant super tank, no doubt inspired by Keith Laumer's wonderful Bolo stories. And the mechanics are simple enough for easy play but rich enough for an engaging experience.

The Battle for Hill 218 is an abstract disguised as a deck of cards with just enough touches to also give it some war flavor. I have gotten a lot of good pay out of it and it spent years as a standard game to play at breakfast at conventions.

Mind you, the real question I have about Ogre: Objective 218 is what are the meaningful differences between it and the original WW II game? If it's just different art work, than I'm not interested. But if it somehow has that giant death machine favor, than I need me a copy.

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