Sunday, December 25, 2016

Celebrating the holidays with the BGG card exchange

This is the second year that we've taken part in the Boardgame Geek Christmas card exchange. Last year, we just got our toes wet with four cards but we got more ambitious with ten cards this time.

Ever since we got a Cricut, which is a precision paper cutting machine, we've been making a lot of homemade cards. So the Christmas card exchange is just bringing two of our hobbies together.

It really is a way of being a part of the greater family of Boardgame Geek. Yeah, I spend a lot of time on the site. I post there regularly and have even played games there. But sending out homemade cards is one more level of being active in the community.

And it's been fun to get cards back. Our card wall has been extra spiffy this year, although the hand knit mug warmer decorated with meeples was a particular high light (Thanks, Ryan!)

Happy holidays, gamers everywhere!

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