Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yucatá keeps on delivering

Yucatá has been one of my primary gaming experiences over the last few years. The moving to a whole new part of the country and having a small child has meant online gaming has been a godsend. And the last few months have definitely seen a decent number of new games added to the site.

Every time a game is added to Yucatá, it feels like a game has been added to my closet. More than that, everyone who signs on has access to the same games so everyone involved has the same chance to play.

Since October, we've seen Attika, Packet Row, Spexxx, Atacama and Las Vegas get added. I've had a chance to play them all by now. In the case of Attika, it was the chance to revisit a game that I haven't played in years.

None of these games are particularly heavy. In fact, some of them are awfully light. However, when you are playing online Internet-based, the disconnect from time and space can add weight to games. Coming back to a game after a day or two and figuring out what's going on is a different mental process than playing face-to-face. Although, sometimes, that can actually make a game easier. But it is definitely different.

I do realize that five games over the course of three months might not sound like that much. Back when I was in the cult of the new, that could be one game order. However, I didn't always play all those games. These new games on Yucatá, I am playing all of them multiple times.

And I know that I will play even the weakest of the lot, which is probably Acatama, several times to explore it. That's another thing that Yucatá lets me do, really explore repetition.

Yucatá keeps on delivering a good experience for me.

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