Thursday, February 16, 2017

Let's try a 10 x 10 challenge

I used to set myself a goal of learning a certain number of games a year. Which was fun and I ended up learning a lot about mechanics during those years. However, it also helped encourage me to binge buy games and to only play a game once because I had another game to get to.

What some folks do instead is trying to get in repetitions of games. You know, the 10 x 10 challenge where you try and play 10 different games 10 times each. There are a lot of variations in that, including trying to play 10 different games five times each with your kids.

Frankly, since our son just turned three, I'm not going to try the family version yet. There are games that he plays but we are still working on his patients and focus.

Instead, I've decided to try doing a 10 x 10 with my old stomping grounds, Yucatá. In some ways, this doesn't quite hold to one of the basic tenants of these challenges, getting more of your own games played. However, it is still a start.

When I decided to do this, I set down a few basic rules. First of all, it had to be games that I had already played enough to have a vague idea of how to play. I'm not interested in pledging to learn the game and then play ten times, only to find out I hate it after the first couple place. Second, they cannot be games that I would be playing ten times anyway. There are games that my regular group plays on a regular basis and there are games that I regularly have going on. Those don't count.

Hopefully, by the time I am done with this, I will have stretched my knowledge of these games and gotten better at them. Of course, I also might end up hating them anyway :P

These are my choices:

Captain W. Kidd
King of Siam
The Castles of Burgundy - the Card Game
The Voyages of Marco Polo

It will be interesting to see how this goes. The very nature of Yucatá affects this challenge. On the one hand, I will have multiple games going on at the same time, including multiples of the same game. On the other hand, each game will take days to get played. No trying to get in ten plays in one day in the middle of December.

Let's see how this goes.

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