Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Doodle's First Disney Adventure: Day Six

We had originally planned on spending the morning before we flew back to Arizona at Epcot. However, by now, it was clear that the Magic Kingdom was the bomb for toddlers. We had already canceled our reservations to eat at Epcot we were totally set to spend the morning at the Magic Kingdom.

We did what little packing we hadn't gotten done the night before. The resort could check our bags for us so we got our luggage to meet us in Arizona so we wouldn't have to worry about it.

At this point, we decided just hit what had proved to be tried and true favorites. Buzz Lightyear, where the doodle spun the car around so much we couldn't hit any of the targets. The Mad Tea Party, which had proved to be a surprise favorite. Dumbo twice with some time in the play area that is attached to the ride. (They give you a pager and your child can run crazy for a while instead of waiting in line)

We also played some more of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and used the last of our  snack credits for snacks for the plane ride before going back to the resort to have one last quick service meal and get on the shuttle that would take us to the airport.

The doodle handled the long journey home well. Which wasn't a surprise, seeing as how he has been a good traveler and good on planes. This time, he slept a good chunk of the way. But he didn't have any problems going to bed after we got home late that night.

We've been on a couple road trips in Arizona and several trips to see family in the Midwest. But this was our first big vacation with the doodle as well as his first trip to Disney. (Since this was our third, we're not fooling anyone. We will be back) it was a big deal for us. 

And, while he wasn't an angel all the time, he behaved pretty well and took on a lot of new experiences well. He was shy but not scared of the costumed characters. He was willing to go on a lot of different rides. And he cheerfully played with other kids. This was a great vacation for us and a great experience for him.

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