Monday, July 31, 2017

Surprising games at Walgreen

When we were shopping for something completely game unrelated at our local Walgreens, we took a look at the toy half aisle and we ended up being pretty impressed by the selection of games they had there.

Forbidden Island, The Resistance, the Catan Dice Game, Qwixx, Timeline and Coup.

Of course, they also had games like Dominoes and Checkers and Skip Bo and Pass the Pig and a couple flavors of Uno. And most of the 'gamer' games they had were on clearance.

So this wasn't a sign that we live in a world where folks want to pick up a copy of Coup with their cough drops and aspirin. This is a sign that this was a noble experiment that really wasn't working.

Still, it was fun to see and I'm glad that our Walgreens at least tried to sell these games.

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