Monday, July 3, 2017

Zooloretto for the very young

Earlier this year, I decided to learn Coloretto Amazonas at So, since I have never played Zooloretto Mini/Zooloretto Junior, I decided to learn that game too.

Compared to Amazonas, Mini was much less of a stretch :D It uses the same cut or choose mechanic that every game in the family uses, except Amazonas. It is basically the bridge between Coloretto and Zooloretto. Seeing as how those two games aren't very different, it's a very short bridge :P

In all brutal honesty, Mini is a simplified Coloretto with tiles instead of cards and the zoo theme. No coin actions like Zooloretto and a smaller variety of types than either of the parent games. For me, the most interesting element are landscape features. Those are effectively wilds for filing enclosures but don't count towards making sets.

The real question is if there is a reason to choose Mini over either the razor simplicity of the original Coloretto or the more nuanced choices of Zooloretto. Particularly if you are like me and already own both of those games. And that is some tough competition. While I have had some bad experiences with Coloretto, it's a standard for light card games for good reason. And Zooloretto is one of those games that is the perfect centerpiece for a family game night.

Frankly, at the moment, the only reasons I'd think of picking up Mini is the small size of the box and the relatively sturdy components and it is more forgiving than its parent games. Storage space and playing it with a small child.

And yet, if you look at Mini as a children's game, it is a very good game. If I see it for a good price in the next couple years, I'd pick it up for just that reason. The parent games I think are better fold older kids and teens and adults but I think Mini is super younger child friendly.

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