Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sometimes, there’s just a flat out better game that does the same thing

While I am trying to get more ambitious about my PnP builds, I’m still perfectly willing to print out a one-page Roll and Write game and give it a whirl. When I found ‘Not Another One’ in my regular combing for PnP files, I decided to give it a shot. (Yes, the quotes are part of them name)

You play the game by filling out a three by three grid with die rolls, one die roll at a time. Each row and column has a target number, one that you are trying to get the three numbers you write in to add up to.  You score points equal to the difference between the number. If you get the number right, you get -5 points for that row or column. Low score is the goal.

A full game is three boards. If you’re playing multi-player, everyone uses the same boards so you’re working with the same target numbers. The PnP comes with six sets of three so, as long as everyone has a sheet, you can play six games before you have to print more or start erasing.

Well, I printed ‘Not Another One’ out and dashed off a bunch of solitaire games. I will say my scores got steadily better after the first game and getting even one -5 on a board really helped.

Okay, it was impossible for me to play ‘Not Another One’ and not compare to It to Wurfel Bingo/High Score and that was not a comparison that did ‘Not Another One’ any favors. Wurfel Bingo is another Bingo-with-strategy/Take It Easy style game. You fill out a five-by-five grid with the results of two dice and score columns, rows and diagonals with poker-like combinations. And it is frankly better in every way.

Wurfel Bingo gives you more choices by having sixteen more spaces and wider options by not having the target numbers effectively restricting your choices. More importantly, it gives you the bell-shaped curve of two six-sided dice. You can make decisions based on those probabilities while ‘Not Another One’ gives every number an equal chance of being rolled.

In isolation, ‘Not Another One’ is an okay, maybe even cute little time filler. However, the just-as-accessible Wurfel Bingo definitely hurts it as a choice. And if I was playing with other people, Wurfel Bingo would be my choice every time.

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