Friday, February 9, 2018

Spoiler: I’m planning on getting Kingdomino

I’ve been writing a lot about PnP lately since I’ve been spending so much time both making and playing PnP games lately. However, I haven’t completely forgotten about actual published copies of games or maybe even buying some.

What’s been on my mind lately is if I should buy Kingdomino or just skip to Queendomino. 

Amusingly enough, neither one is on my short list of games to buy. And, of course, I haven’t played either one.  However, they keep on coming up in my online reading and so they are on my mind a lot.

And, even though I am both very space conscious and budget conscious, Kingdomino is both small enough and priced low enough that getting both isn’t an issue. Which is probably what I’ll end up doing.

That said, I’ve regularly read that Queendomino is the deeper, more interesting game and more suited for gamers, which is how I still see myself :P And I already have a lot of short, simple tile-laying games. Is Kingdomino going to be that different than the ones I already have?

Going around and around in my head, I think the answer is really go get Kingdomino now and almost assuredly end up picking up Queendomino later.

Basically because of all the reasons it won the Spiel des Jahres. The tile drafting adds a layer that pushes it over other simple tile-laying games. It’s also going to be more accessible for non-gamers. 

Frankly, I’m hoping that Kingdomino will fill that magic spot of being a game we want to play regularly on work nights when we are tired and frazzled. Not too short and not too conflict heavy. And it will probably be more our four-year-old’s speed than Queendomino.

While it hadn’t been on my list of games to pick up, I’ll probably end up with Kingdomino this year.

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