Thursday, June 21, 2018

Boy, am I splitting hairs

I have spent a lot of time lately playing a lot of very, very short and very simple solitaire games. I’ve spent some time writing about them as well, my parent break or fidget games.

On occasion, when I have had more time to work with, I’ve been playing slightly longer games. And it can be amazing the difference between a game that takes less than five minutes to play and a game that takes five to ten minutes to play. Well, at least when that’s what you’re working with.

I’ve been pulling out Micro Rome and Circle the Wagons (Lone Cowboy solitaire variant) and Orchard (winner of this year’s Nine Card PnP contest) lately when I have a little more time and brain space and they feel significantly deeper (not deep, just deeper) than the many games of Down or Murderer’s Row or such I’ve been playing while keeping the other eye on our four-year-old. The first time I played Micro Rome in a while, I thought ‘Ah, this is a real game’

And I know if I had a regular game group, even if it was just a couple hours twice a month, I wouldn’t feel this way. There wouldn’t be an apparent difference in these little solitaire games. It’s only when they are what I mostly play that it feels this way.

I have a feeling that I’ll look back in a couple years and wonder how I could have this point of view.

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