Thursday, June 28, 2018

It took an app for me to play Land 6

It annoys me when it takes an app to get me to play a game I already own. I don’t mind learning a game on a site like Yucata (particularly if it’s not one I own or would get to play otherwise) or buying an app for either a game I am not going to get to play otherwise or have played.

But that’s what it took for me to play Land 6, even after I went through the easy motions of crafting a copy months ago. Six tiles, some dice and some cubes. Not hard work.

But playing it on my phone where I don’t have to fight over cubes and dice with the preschooler or cats does make it a lot easier to play.

Land 6 is a solitaire game where you move your dice across a landscape made up of six tiles (with four areas per tile) to your enemy’s city while your ‘robot’ enemy pounds away at you by adding cubes to the tiles. The different spaces have different powers and the dice that are your pawns/workers drop to lower pip numbers as you use them.

At some point, probably after twenty or so plays, I think I’ll have enough of a feel for the game to actually write a review of it. It definitely has some interesting mechanics, with the different special powers of the areas and the way you have to desperately manage your resources. A lot of different ideas going on in a tiny little design space. On the other hand, the random robot can really pound you into the ground, possibly beyond the point where you can cope.

The two questions I really have are: 1) Is the game too random for me to have meaningful control and 2) Is it still fun even if it is random? Because, really, if the process is fun, I can handle a lot of randomness.

While I know I will get those twenty or so plays in, I also know it will be because I’ll play them on the phone. Annoying but better than not playing Land 6.

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