Monday, October 1, 2018

My September PnP

Okay, in September, I crafted the Zed Deck, Muses and New World Colony, along with laminating one sheet Roll and Writes games Not Another One, Backyard Buddies and Six-Sided Stout.

That might not sound like too much but the Zed Deck and New World Colony are both 54-Card decks. I’ve mostly been crafting nine and eighteen card micro games so making a full deck of cards is a definite step up.

I actually hoped to do another full deck of cards with the Abandons but that will have to wait until October. Even so, I am not unhappy with the amount of crafting I got in in September.

I also have to admit that both Backyard Buddies (which is from last year’s GenCan’t Roll and Write contest) and Not Another One aren’t very good games. However, they will serve as ways to turn off my brain for a little bit and I’ve found that pretty handy at times.

In October, I want to start work8g on making sure that I have a Secret Santa package ready in case there’s another Mini PnP Santa this year. I already have some ideas for stuff I would want to include. Murderer’s Row would be a definite.

So, as the year starts winding down, I may not be doing as much PnP crafting as I did at the start but I’m still crafting and playing.

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