Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Does this count as PnP?

I’m a lazy Print and Play guy but I’ve still made a number of projects over the last couple years. And I’m willing to count laminating a roll and write that I printed off as a project.

But I’m not sure how to count these two little projects :P

A couple years ago, I picked up both Qwixx and Rolling America. And somehow it took me this long to say ‘You know, I should really laminate some of these score sheets. Make them reusable and all.” So, I laminated and trimmed four sheets each from the two games. Took me maybe five minutes.

I didn’t print anything off and I didn’t cut anything. I didn’t put stickers on any dice. I just put some plastic on some game sheets that I bought. Maybe this really is just blinging those two games :D

But I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t already making print and play projects.

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