Saturday, April 13, 2019

Like a boomerang, Devil Bunny comes back

It will come as no surprise to anyone evenly vaguely aware of my strange and possibly unhealthy obsession with Cheapass Games that I’ve been following their promotional release of PnP versions of some of their old games with a fevered eye. (It’s part of their kickstarter campaign for a history book)

I’d been wondering if they’d include Devil Bunny Needs A Ham since it’s probably right after Doctor Lucky as one of their most iconic games. In part because it’s is a decent little game and one of the cheapest things they ever sold but mostly due to the deranged name.

Then they surprised and delighted me by bundling it with its sequel Devil Bunny Hates the Earth, a game where you play sentient and suicidal taffy making machines trying to lure squirrels into your works to keep Devil Bunny (TM) from  destroying western civilization by manufacturing a particularly unsatisfying kind of saltwater taffy. There’s a reason I used to call it James Ernest Mixes Up His Medication. Again.

Stripped of their deranged names and themes, the two games are a decent little roll-and-move game (better than a lot of roll-and-move games that are out there) and a quirky mancala variant. And I’d cheerfully play either game again, for what it’s worth.

They are also the easiest games in the promotion to make, at least for far. (They could release the Chief Herman Funpacks, which are just rule sets) All you need to do is print the boards. Then add tokens, pawns and dice.

If you only make one game from Cheapass’s Classic Black and White Collection (TM), you might as well make these since they’re fun and easy. Which sounds wrong but you should still do it. Frankly, I will because I think they will be great for kids.

That said, I am really hoping that James Ernest and the gang release Enemy Chocolatier by the end of this Kickstarter. Never actually got to play it but it looked so brilliant.

P.S. I also have to note that the rules explicitly note that if Devil Bunny finds squirrels in his taffy machines, he releases them back into the wild so they’re clearly aren’t hurt by the experience.

P.P.S. I kind of hope this project inspires James Ernest to make more Devil Bunny games! Let Devil Bunny ride again!

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