Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Is there a connection between PnP and solitaire games?

I’ve noticed that my interest in Print-and-Play and in solitaire gaming dovetailed together over the last couple years.

And part of that is because that way no one but me has to see the quality of my crafting :P And a variety of factors have me in between gaming groups so it’s a great time for solitaire gaming. And, when I spend money on games, I’d rather spend it on games I play with other folks.

However, it seems to me (and I could be totally wrong since I cannot claim to have made any kind of methodical study of the matter) that there’s a higher percentage of solitaire PnPs than published games.

Now, I’m not counting PnP demos of Kickstarter games or games that just have a solitaire option. I’m talking dedicated solitaire games. (And I could be totally wrong, of course)

I have two theories.

The first one is that Print and Play, the actual act of making the stuff, is kind of an insular activity. If there are groups of folks getting together to make print and play projects, I haven’t heard of it. Although I’d be interested in hearing more if there are groups like that out there. So I wonder the solitaire nature of making games appeals to folks who want to play solitaire games.

The second theory is that, while you just need one person to make or buy a game, you need the whole gaming table to buy into the idea of playing the game. Convincing one person to play a game is easier than convincing a larger group.

Do Print and Play games somehow appeal more to solitaire gamers? Are there really that many solitaire PnP games out there? I really have no idea, although it’s fun to wonder.

Really, the answer matters most to the folks who design print and play games.

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