Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Finding a new home for Mr Bear

When our son was under a year old, on a lark, we bought a five-foot stuffed bear from Costco. It wasn’t the sturdiest of stuffed animals but it was the biggest one we’d ever owned and he was super huggable.

Before our son learned to walk, every day I would turn the living room into a play area for him, putting down a play rug and using Mr Bear as a soft barrier to keep from crawling away. That was honestly the most activity Mr Bear was.

After that, about all Mr Bear did was sit in a corner so our now almost six son decided that Mr Bear was too big to keep around the house so it was off to Goodwill.

I wasn’t going to put Mr Bear in the trunk so I buckled him in on the passenger’s side. When I actually carried him in, there was a smile on everyone at the receiving dock at Goodwill and they all took turns hugging him.

A teddy bear the size of a chair is too big to keep around just as a keepsake. But Mr Bear left us with many happy memories.

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