Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2019 Print and Play Solitaire Contest was a delightful holiday experience

I am finally getting around to looking at this year’s Solitaire Print and Play Contest. Oddly enough, it’s not a contest I’ve look at as much, mostly because I focused on micro games when I started really hunting for PnP files. It also took me a bit to get into solitaire games.

But design contests are an awesome place to look for PnP tiles. Not only are they a one-stop hunting ground, other people have vetted the designs for you. Plus, the Work in Progress (WiP) threads often offer a lot of insight in the development.

I have been focused on contests like  nine or eighteen card contests or Roll and Write contests or mint tin contests. So looking at a no holds, do what you want contest was a different kind of experience. I looked at games designed to be used with a regular deck of cards, micro games, Roll and Write games and games that would be major builds to make.

The nine contest is still my favorite design contest (and I sure hope there is one coming up for 2020) but, having not looked at a contest in a bit, the 2019 solitaire  was a fun smorgasbord of games and surprise holiday trip.

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