Sunday, December 1, 2019

My November PnP

Thirty days hath November and those days have gone by. In that time, I made the following Print and Play projects:

Ducks in the Pond (2019 Roll and Write Contest)
Zero Degrees Kelvin (2019 Roll and Write Contest)
Barbarian Vince
Ring Tales (2019 9-Card Contest)

Needless to say, Barbarian Vince was the big project of the month for me. I did do some cutting to make Zero Degrees Kelvin but the two Roll and Writes were basically just laminating the play sheets.

And I am very curious about Barbarian Vince. It looks like an okay game at best but it also looks like it might be a real throwback experience of 80s style adventure gaming  in one deck of cards. I have a felling that I’ll get a surprising amount of enjoyment out of it.

So much of my actual gaming these days is quick little solitaire games, almost all of which are ones that I made as PnP projects. It might sound crazy but with Roll and Writes, the fact that I actually have to get out a dry erase marker and some dice makes them feel like I’m doing a little more, playing a more involved game even if they are very simple and short. 

I know I need to explore more complex Roll and Writes but the two I made in November will be still make me happy.

I have a feeling that December will see a mild uptick in my crafting.

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