Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Another PnP contest I hadn't heard of

I learned near the end of February that there was a Roll-and-Write Global Jam back in 2018, which actually meant a design contest with the theme of Autumn. And, for me, meant there were 40 games that I could freely download. Most of which I hadn’t seen before :D

I think I may actually be burning out on Roll and Writes. Not burned out on playing them but maybe getting burned out on learning new ones and burned out on looking for PnP Roll and Writes. It’s cool that there is so much out there but there is also so much out there.

And Theodore Sturgeon was so right. Love is one of the most essential human conditions but love requires patience and understanding and hard work. Oh, and 90% of anything is crud. (It’s a great quote but I wish Sturgeon was  more remembered for his writing. Ask the next question!)

Although, I have come across a lot more mediocrity than I have train wrecks. I have had more boring experiences than awful ones. Boring seems like a more common sin than broken. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

And if you view it as a learning experience, PnP R&W is a pretty reasonable way to explore game ideas.  I’ll still probably take a break soon.

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