Sunday, March 1, 2020

My February PnP

I pretty much just made Roll and Writes in February:

Pencil Park, including the 2020  year version
Gryphon Delivery Service
Grazing Sheep

The original version of Pencil Park actually qualifies as a larger project by my meager standards. Three pages of cards. Not much but that was more than just laminating a sheet of paper after I printed it out :D

I only realized it when writing this blog that, for once, I actually tried out almost all the games I made this month. (Okay, it doesn’t hurt that the longest one is ten minutes and they all were just rolling dice and writing stuff down) I skipped Grazing Sheep because I want to explore one of the designers’ earlier works, Raging Bulls, first.

Honestly, when you consider that I probably spent an hour tops on print and play crafting in February, the return has been really great.

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