Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My March PnP

March has been a month. Looking at this list, it’s hard for me to believe that it was only four weeks ago I made some of these. Since then, we have started homeschooling and been on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. There have been some times when print and play has helped keep me relatively sane.

This is what I’ve made:

Autumn Tree (2018 R&W Jam)
Autumn Leaves (2018 R&W Jam)
Wolfe & Co
Raging Bulls
White Chapel Cultist (2019 R&W contest)
Robots of Eternity (2019 One Page Contest)
Wurfel Bingo
My Little Castle
Stand Up Bakery (prototype 2020 9-Card Contest)
Roll Estate
Night Class part 1
Spellcraft Academy (Legends of Dsyx)
Arabica (2017 GenCan’t Contest)
Captain’s Curse (2017 GenCan’t Contest)
Halloween Movie Marathon (2018 R&W Jam)
Brad Nordeng’s Hepthalon (2019 R&W Contest)

I am still making a ‘big’ project each month. This month was Wolfe & Co. I have no idea when I printed it out but I decided it was time to make it, even though I’m now focused on solitaire games.

However, I spent a lot of little moments, laminating Roll and Writes. Since I’ve had to become a home school teacher, I have a lot less free time but I have time for that. And being able to do that has been calming and satisfying. And I have found that if I only had a little time for games, Roll and Write are the easiest games to get in.

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