Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Turns out kids love games that let them attack their parents

In our periodic efforts to introduce non-video games to our six-year old, we tried Uno. And, in doing so, we learned a valuable lesson, one that might affect our chi e of games with our son.

Six-year-olds _love_ take that cards. 

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, when he realized he could attack Mommy or Daddy, he was all in. Skip cards, +2 cards, +4 cards. We knew he had one because of the manically giggling and the jumping up and down in his seat.

And when he learned that the edition of Uno we bought had blank cards so you could make your own action cards, he immediately made completely broken and over-the-top attack cards, like skip ten turns.

It’s been a long time since he was this excited about a card or board game (and that was Curious George Discovery Beach, which is still one of the best kids games I’ve played, at least by my lights) I don’t know how long his love for Uno will last (Maybe another session?) but it was nice that he was so enthusiastic.

Now I’m wondering how do I use this knowledge, use this love of attacking his parents in games? He is still learning how to read so games like Guillotine or Fluxx or We Didn’t Playtest This At All would just frustrate him. Maybe Aquarius or Goblin Breakfast?

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