Tuesday, September 1, 2020

My August PnP

 August. I had lots of Print and Play plans for August but I seriously underestimated how much time remote schooling was going to take. It has added structure to all of our lives and our son is actually learning so it’s well worth it but it does mean print and play crafting is not good time management.

Still, I made some stuff:

Good Little Martians
Tanuki Matsuri
Nine Card Siege
Dune Racers (2020 9-Card contest)
Drive Like Hell
A Thousand Years of Blood

Good Little Martians is the token ‘big’ project for August. And, while it is a game that I am definitely interested in trying, it will probably be the last game out of these five that will see play, just due to time and space. 

On the other hand, Tanuki Matsuri, one sheet laminated and very light to play, actually worked very well as far as time management was concerned. 

And I’m just plain curious about Drive Like Hell. It’s made of eighteen identical double-sided cards that act as a track, pawns, and inventory. (Seriously, if the game turns out to be any good, I might replace five of them with beads) I want to see if the thing works.

Not an amazing month for Print and Play but, you know, stuff got done.

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