Monday, August 31, 2020

When Chess meets Calvin Ball

 Our six-year-old son recently got out one of our Chess sets. Before I knew it, the pieces were having adventures with Ludo pawns all over the furniture with their movements ‘determined’ by dice rolls.

Am I ever going to get him interested in the actual rules of Chess or will it be Calvin Ball Chess forever? When will we sit down and have a game of Catan all the way through?

Okay, I’d much rather he figure out Zertz or Blokus or Rumus before worrying about Chess And we have come closer actually playing those games.

Honestly, it’s not like I have myself as example to follow. I really didn’t play tabletop games until halfway through high school. I really didn’t really start rolling until college and that was specifically role playing games. My time with board games didn’t even start until years after college. 

Calvin Ball board games can be infuriating but I’m pretty sure they are important as well. Play is how kids work through things and figure the world out. That’s more important than figuring out how farmer scoring works in Carcassonne.

A good friend had success with No Thank You, Evil with their child whose just around a year older. Maybe I should think about trying that out or find my old copies of Once Upon A Time or Rory’s Story Cubes. Some games, they really are just an excuse to play Calvin Ball.

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