Saturday, August 1, 2020

My July PnP

Like too many months in 2020, July was a crazy one. Still, I managed to get some print and play crafting in. This is what I made last month:

Blankout (double-sides play sheets for convenience)
Word Chain (the extended version)

My two ‘big’ projects of the month were Word Chain and Corinth, since they both involved three sheets of materials each but neither one was much work at all. The two pages of tiles for 5x15 were a lot more work, further proving how arbitrary my definition of ‘big’ is. Still, I’ll stick to it since it gives me some kind of goal.

(I am planning on making more player boards and the fan expansion for Corinth at some time soon)

I actually spent more time prepping future projects than I did completing them. I do like to complete something each month and sometimes that’s the way to make sure it happens.

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