Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Crowded bus games?

I accidentally came up a new term for myself, a crowded bus game.

Originally, I was just talking about Roll and Write games that I could play with a clip board and a dice app on my phone. However, really that includes any In-Hand games like Palm Island or the Zed Deck. Okay, a lot of travel games can qualify but I am really takin about something that works even when your arms are squashed together.

Which isn’t an experience that any of us should be having right now in Covid season and, honestly, I’d probably be just looking at my phone under those conditions. But they are the kind of games I like to play so I can sit in the living room with the family, possibly with a cat or two on my lap. (possibly the two cats fighting on my lap) 

So for me, a crowded bus game is actually a casual, cozy game at home.

In fact, the only game I can see playing on a bus is Warchon, a war game where the map is a book and the pieces are book marks, because that’s the only place I can see playing it.

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