Thursday, October 1, 2020

My September PnP

 September wasn’t a super crazy month for making print and play games for me but I am happy with what I got done:

Here’s what I made:

Puerto Miau
Any Establishment (2020 R&W contest)
6 Steps
Why I Otter
Wild Cats (basic three cards)
Istanbul or Constantinople?
Quarantine Haircuts
Sid Sackson’s Pinball

This was one of those months where I spent more time printing and cutting and laminating than actually finishing projects. Sometimes, it’s more decompressing to work on PnP than to finish it. And when I need to finish projects for decompression, I have plenty to work with.

While they almost don’t qualify, I consider Why I Otter and Istanbul or Constantinople? my big builds for September. They are both only eighteen cards but the size of the cards made me use more laminating pouches :D And I think they will be fun to play. 

On the other hand, I made Wild Cats just to fill in extra space on a laminating pouch. I don’t know when or if I will need a three-player social deduction game. I fear our first-grader would enjoy Win, Lose, Banana more anyway.

The project I’m most excited about from this month is one of the simplest, Sid Sackson’s Pinball. It has been years since I played it (my copies of the Beyond Books are _precious_) and I want see how it holds up compared to my very happy but distant memories.

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