Friday, October 2, 2020

Social deduction in three cards?

 I recently made a copy of the basic three cards of Wild Cats, which is all you need to play the basic three player game. I did it just because I wanted to use some extra space on a laminating pouch. Really, I have no idea when I’ll be playing a social deduction game for three players.

I don’t see Wild Cats existing if it wasn’t for Win, Lose, Banana. Wild Cats screams someone looking at Win, Lose, Banana and asking themselves how they could make a real game out of it.

Win, Lose, Banana is an odd beast and part of what is odd about it is the fact that it has had some traction in the gaming world. Mind you, I think of it less as a game and more like a three-card business card for Asmadi (not to be confused with Asmodee) 

Feel free to argue with me but I also view Win, Lose, Banana as a commentary about games like Werewolf. The actual mechanics are arbitrary but the gameplay could be fun and there does have to be interaction. Win, Lose, Banana just peels everything down to most most basic idea.

I also have to admit that my one play of the game did not endear me to it. It was at a con and I was eating breakfast with a friend. A possibly drunk guy we didn’t know sat down at our table and insisted we play. It was faster to do that than argue with him.

Wild Cats, compared to Win, Lose, Banana, has much stricter guidelines about your behavior and gives everyone a vote, as opposed to just Win in Win, et al. That makes Wild Cats more of a game for me and more interesting to me. However, I don’t know if that makes it a better experience.

On top of that, I might have better success introducing Win, Lose, Banana to our first-grader than Wild Cats. But my wife might not forgive me if I did that :D

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