Sunday, November 1, 2020

My October PnP

 Oh, I had plans for October. Our son was going to be going back to school part time with blended learning and I’d have time to get some uninterrupted crafting time in. And then blended learning got pushed back :D Eh, losing print and play time is a small sacrifice to keep everyone as safe as reasonably possible.

Really, what it meant was making a rough copy of Agent Decker so I could try it out got pushed back.

Here’s what I made:

Islands of Microlandia
Everchange Dungeon (2019 9-Card Contest)
Fog Town (2019 9-Card Contest)
Warlock’s Eye
Into Cursed Pit (2018 Solitaire Confest)
Penny Rails

My ‘big’ project for October turned out to be Penny Rails. As I mentioned, I had bigger ambitions but that’s not where I needed to focus my time management. And I have been curious about Penny Rails for ages. A train game that actually feels like a train game in 18 cards and nine coins? And if it has that feel, will there be a single dominant strategy? 

You know, October was a crazy month in a crazy year. I got in some crafting. That is still a real win.

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