Friday, January 1, 2021

My December PnP

 December 2020. The last month of what was one son-of-gun of a year. At one point, I thought I’d be lucky to make one PnP project with everything that happened during the month. But I had a couple of crafting sessions of making tiny projects to relax.

This is what I made:

Squire for Hire

Ugly Gryphon Inn

Railways (2019 9-Card Contest)

Petals (2020 2-Player PnP Contest)

Handful of Hazards (little cards)

One-Minute War

Gator (2020 Solitaire PnP Contest)

Pohutukawa Christmas

The Great Races

Dice Baseball


Mombatuk the Adventurer (2020 R&W Contest)

Dolphins and Dinosaurs - solo edition (2020 Solitaire Contest)

Griphold Tower (2020 Solitaire Contest)

Squire for Hire was my ‘big’ project for the month. As ever, my definition of big still isn’t that. More than two pages of components :D Basically, enough to be published. And Squire for Hire proven to be a game I keep playing and trying to do better at.

As I mentioned, I made a bunch of tiny games, micro games and laminating Roll and Write sheets. Itty bitty things that will still be fun to explore and making them definitely helped my peace of mind.

Print and Play was helpful in a lot of ways this year. 

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