Monday, March 1, 2021

My February PnP

February is a short month to begin with and it ended up being a busy month as well. Which isn’t a bad thing but it meant that most of my crafting was just laminating Roll and Writes I wanted to try. 

This is what I made:

Paper Pinball: Sherwood 2146 second edition
Paper Pinball: Chromastadon
Paper Pinball: Championship Boogerball
Paper Pinball: Wave Wizard 
Santa’s Sourhern Cross
Rolling Realms v9
Foothold Enterprises 

The only ‘big’ project was Foothold Enterprises. Although, as basically a full deck of cards, it’s definitely a step up from a micro game. And, as an in-hand solitaire, it should be easy to try out.

When I first started seriously crafting, I’d mark Roll and Writes that just involved laminating a sheet with an asterisk in my notes. They didn’t seem as ‘real’ to me. However, I’ve come to view the fun I get from a game as the final measure, not the crafting effort.

March looks to be busy as well, which is fine. If I only get an hour or so of crafting in, I’ll make it count.

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