Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A one-card design contest. Seriously.

 Okay. I just found out there was a one-card PnP contest last year.

How did I not know about this?

There were more than fifty games entered into the contest so clearly folks were inspired by the idea.

I’ve been slowly looking through the entries and I feel like it forces minimalism so far it goes out the other side. I’ve been following the Nine-Card PnP contests for years and the restrictions of making a card game with nine cards is exceptional.

When you have just one card, though, it turns the card into a tiny board. You can’t shuffle or deal out one card. The most you can do is spin the card or flip the card. As a general rule, the card is not the random factor. 

Now, the rules only allowed twelve more components, which could be dice or tokens or meeples or coins. So there are real restrictions. In fact, that might be the fewest actual components of any PnP contest rules I’ve seen. But I think being a minimalist _board_ game design I think uses a different part of the mental design space.

And I want to see those components. Every one-card game I’ve seen with no compoohas either just been the rules for a party game or Twister for fingers. And that stops being interesting real fast.

(I’ve seen at least one game where the card gets folded up into an origami shape so it’s not just tiny boards)

The folks who ran the contest put all the entries onto five pages so you can make them all at once. Which honestly means I probably will. That actually makes it much more likely that I will make any of them, let alone all of them. 

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