Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Our son watches classic animation

 While our son has grown up always knowing who Elsa and Anna are and has been exposed to most  of the ‘modern’ Disney Princesses, he decided on his own that he wanted to see the ‘classic’ princess movies.

Wow. Watching Snow White for the first time in decades was wild. My brain had mentally updated the style and animation to a slightly more modern style. Instead, I realized I was watching a transition from shorts like the Silly Symphonies to something much bigger.

In particular, Snow White’s eyes were hard to follow and the forest animals were very rubber-bodied. I’ve read that the animators actually watched real animals as part of their research for Bambi and seeing pre-Bambi Disney animals is just weird for me.
That said, the dwarves and the evil queen’s witch-form are a wonderful merger of realistic and cartoony. Those scenes and anima tion, they are animation gold.

Meanwhile, while our son enjoyed the movie, he couldn’t get over how the backgrounds were flat and unmoving :D

On the other hand, Sleeping Beauty lived up to my memories of seeing one of its innumerable re-releases in the cinema from when I was a child. (Hey, we had to do something back before VHS) I have a vivid memory of seeing the s tylized opening and expecting it to fade into the Disney house style. When it didn’t, my mind boggled that the whole movie would look like that.

Snow White was watching a wheel get invented. Sleeping Beauty was watching that wheel get used for a luxury car.

(I was out of the room for Cinderella)

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