Thursday, July 1, 2021

My June PnP

 June was more productive on a PnP level than I had been planning. I had only been planning on making A Rusty Throne but I made some smaller projects as well, all in the name of decompressing crafting.

Here’s what I made:

A Rusty Throne
Ninja Panda
Time Machine
Dice on Mars
Roll Pirates
Super Sonic Rocket (2021 9 Card Contest)
Mini Rogue
Goblin Mountain (low ink)
Agropolis (demo copy)

As I already wrote, A Rusty Throne was my ‘big’ project of the month. I’m hoping to learn it in July. I’m not much of a war gamer but I think that will be light enough for me to handle.

Beyond that, it was a lot of clearing out the backlog. I finished making laminated copies of the rest of Radoslaw Ignatow’s Roll and Write games. I still have ten stand-alone expansions that I haven’t made but I want to explore the base games first.

Incidentally, I printed, cut and laminated the demo version of Agropolis months ago. Since then, I have gotten the complete, high resolution files for the game and I do intend to make it at some point. However, the demo will make a nice beater copy.

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