Friday, October 1, 2021

My September PnP

 Okay. What did I make in September?

The Naughty List (2020 Christmas Contest)
Handful o Hazards
Flipword (two copies)

Not a crazy month but a lot more productive than August where I just made one project.

Technically, the Naughty List was my big project for the month. I had actually printed and laminated it last December so I made it to help clear out my backlog. I thought it was an Apples to Apples party game but it’s more of a bluffing game. Which makes it a better game but a harder sell :P

But the builds that actually interest me are Insurmountable and Bandada. Those look like they will be very interesting to explore as solitaires.

Oh, I just made more Handful o Hazard cards to full space on laminating folders. And I gave away my copy of Flipword so I made two more so I have to give them away twice before I need to make more :D

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