Monday, October 18, 2021

The 2021 PnP Solitaire Design Contest is refreshing

 Right now, we are in that magical period of the 2021 PnP solitaire contest where all the entries have been entered but the contest hasn’t been judged yet. So you get to look at everything.

(Hey, some designers take stuff down fast)

Looking at 2021, two thirds of the games I learned were Roll and Writes. Which works perfectly well for me. If time and space are limited, Roll and Writes can be a really strong investment for your limited time and space.

However, I noticed that the ninth Roll and Write contest didn’t excite me that much. To be fair, nine contests over the course of three years is a lot. A lot of content and a lot of games but there can also be some burnout.

And looking at the entries in the PnP Solitaire Contest this year, I’m seeing stuff that peaks my interest and I want to try. Mind you, at the rate I’ve been crafting lately, I may not get to them until next year. (But I have a list!) 

Clearly, despite Roll and Writes being good for me this year, I crave other media of gaming. Which is only healthy. (And maybe I’ll look at that ninth contest with different eyes after a break)

For most of this year, I’ve been writing about what Roll and Writes I’ve learned each month. At least one month, that pushed me to learn more Roll and Writes. Which was great but maybe I should make it a New-To-Me post.

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