Friday, January 7, 2022

All right, all right, New Years resolutions

 Yeah, yeah. New Year so New Year’s resolutions.

And, yes, I want to exercise more and eat better but that’s not really in the pervue of this blog.

My standard goals of learning a new game and making one ‘big’ PnP project a month stand. And big basically just means around three pages. I make mostly micro games but something big enough that a publisher would publish counts. 

I already had a goal of reading at least one major book a month but I might as well make it formal. Let’s use the word challenging to describe that kind of book. And it can’t be a reread. I really ought to reread Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and I’m sure it will be challenging the second time around but it’s not the same thing. (Really should get around to actually reading his If On A Winter Night’s A Traveler)

Oh, okay. Let’s make some game related resolutions.

You know what? I should try and play the full Bargain Basement Bathysphere campaign. I’ve played the first few boards and had fun. And each individual board  should be a quick play. I think. I’ve been good and not peeked.

I also want to finish learning all of the Legends of Dsyx games and all of Radoslaw Ignatow’s roll and write games. Which isn’t a hard goal. I just need to sit down in the mood to do it :D

But, hey, Bargain Basement Bathysphere is a good goal.

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