Friday, January 14, 2022

Wow, that’s a very specific design contest

 When I first really started looking at Print and Play, there were only a couple different design contests. Like solitaire or just print and play. Now there are design contests that are just about a mechanic!

That said, the fact that there is a ‘In Hand’ design contest was pretty amazing to me. Yes, I love me some In Hand games. Games where I don’t even have to worry about a clip board, let alone a table top? Now that’s convenience!

I just didn’t realize that there were enough people like me to make a contest like this viable!

And maybe this contest will be a step in my dream of finding the Palm Island killer. Not that I don’t like Palm Island. I adore Palm Island. I just think that it can’t be the ultimate In Hand game. (Portal Dragon is creating Palm Laboratory so maybe it will be it :D )

The submission deadline is February 24 and voting deadline is May 31 so there’s still some time for games to show up. Maybe I’ll actually be able to do some play testing feedback like I keep telling myself I should do.

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